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    Shun Combination Whetstone 1000 & 6000 Grit with Rubber Base

    Manufacturer: SHUN
    SKU: SSM0600
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    Keep your Shun blades in razor-sharp condition with the Shun Combination Whetstone. This Shun Combination Whetstone offers you two grits: a fine 1000-grit side and an even finer 6000-grit side. This whetstone is a good choice for sharpening your Shuns when they're not very dull. The 1000-grit side lets you put a keen edge on your Shun, then polish it to perfection with the 6000-grit side. You will need to thoroughly soak this whetstone before sharpening. If your knife is exceptionally dull, try the Shun 400/1000-grit whetstone.



    • Combines fine and extra-fine whetstones in one: 1000 grit on one side, 6000 grit on the other
    • Use the 1000-grit side for restoring a dulled edge; use the 6000-grit side to refresh and polish the edge
    • Soak stone before using
    • Includes rubber tray for stability when sharpening
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