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    Shun Leveling Stone

    Manufacturer: SHUN
    SKU: SLM0500
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    The Shun Leveling Stone helps maintain any Shun Whetstone. Over time, a whetstone will naturally wear in the middle, creating a concave surface. Yet to sharpen your knives efficiently, a whetstone must be perfectly flat and level. That's where the Shun Leveling Stone comes in. Just soak both the leveling stone and whetstone in water, then move the ridged side of the leveling stone over the surface of the whetstone until the flat surface is restored. The Shun Leveling Stone is easy to use and will give your whetstone an even longer life.



    • Maintains your whetstone; restores the perfectly flat surface required for precision sharpening
    • Faster, easier flattening; grooves in leveling stone help collect material removed from whetstone as you flatten
    • Soak both whetstone and leveling stone in water before using; use whetstone and leveling stone only with water
    • Instructions included
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