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    Outset 9" Portable Food Infusion Smoker, Black

    Manufacturer: OUTSET
    SKU: 76611
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    A great alternative to Breville or Gourmet, the Smoke Gun delivers full flavor and the perfect balance for smoking meat, fish, vegetables, desserts, drinks, and classic cocktails in just 5 minutes. Smaller and more versatile than a smoker barbecue, it's the perfect alternative to smoking accessories for adding flavor and smoky aromas with very little effort. No soaking wood chips or food for hours for a smoky flavor. Cold smoking gently infuses a measured amount of natural cold smoke to enhance flavor without cooking or preserving food, or changing texture or temperature. No electricity is required, it works with batteries for versatile use anywhere, to the inside or outside. Compact and lightweight with integrated stand for comfortable one-handed use. The silicone extension pipe allows the smoke to be placed precisely. Works with a variety of wood chips, teas and spices, hay, dried flowers, and herbs. Approved for commercial use, the cold smoker is perfect for professional and amateur chefs, as well as mixologists. Smoked salmon after plating, serve smoked cheese or butter, cherry tomatoes for salads, sauces, chocolate, meringues, and fruit in a snap. Easily elevate bartending recipes to exciting smoked cocktails, like a smoked martini, smoked Marie, and dragon's breath. Just fill the combustion chamber, ignite the fuels and apply the smoke. Compact for easy storage and transport anywhere. Easily disassembles without tools. Easy to clean with a damp cloth.


    • Easy smoking for full flavor: simply fill the smoker with wood chips, tea, herbs, spices, dried flowers or even hay, and set fire to; infuse natural smoky flavors into foods, drinks or cheese and cocktails
    • Engineered for flavor: State-of-the-art smoker fan dissipates heat and cools smoke leaving the nozzle, releasing only flavor and preventing overcooking
    • Battery operated: leave the large smoker at home for the next tailgate; portable infusion smoker is battery operated and ready to use at the push of a button (4 x AA batteries not included)
    • EASY STORAGE: You don't need a large storage space, garage or garden shed to enjoy the smoky flavor. Keep the portable smoker anywhere you want, including cupboards, pantries, RVs, or vacation homes
    • Explore your taste buds - to experience ribbed beef steak, shapely pork shoulder, tasty pastrami or game birds with a ride, just smoke the beer and enjoy the food to its fullest