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    Outset 16.5" Pizza Grill Stone

    Manufacturer: OUTSET
    SKU: QZ46
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    This half-inch thick cordierite baking stone loves heat and is safe to 1450°F! It works in the oven or on the grill, and though it's called a pizza stone, it's just as good for breads and tortillas, producing crisp crust yet retaining the dough's moisture. It gets better over time as the unglazed, unsealed stone is seasoned by food and oils with each use. *Never clean a pizza stone with soap. * Only clean your pizza stone after it has completely cooled. Always scrape off all spilled or cooked food with a stiff brush, scrubbing pad, or plastic scraper, and simply wipe the surface of the stone with a damp cloth. Putting a hot stone into tepid water will weaken its structural integrity and can cause small fractures that could lead to eventual breakage.


    • MAKE YOUR PERFECT PIZZA: Do you want one topping and your family member wants another? No worries! With this 16.5'' pizza stone, you have plenty of room for half and half combinations
    • CONSTRUCTED OF CORDIERITE MATERIAL: This pizza stone is sturdy and long-lasting, sure to keep up with all your pizza-making needs
    • HANDLE THE HEAT: This pizza grill stone is heat-safe up to 1450ºF (That's 787ºC!), meaning they can take what your home oven can give-- and then some!
    • VERSATILE FUNCTION: Already had pizza this week? Not to worry! These tiles are also perfect for making tortillas, bread, rolls, and more! Safe for both oven and grill use, you're only limited by your own imagination
    • MEASUREMENTS: this pizza stone weighs 7.6 pounds and has dimensions of 16.5 x 16.5 x 0.5 inches
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