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    How it Works

    The Bellini Kitchen Master by Cedarlane is the newest modern kitchen appliance to hit the North American market. It combines the functions of 8 appliances in 1 and includes a 2 liter stainless steel bowl and everything you need to chop, mix, mince, whip, knead, blend and stir. The Kitchen Master can also cook, sauté and steam using the precise temperature control feature and steam set! Its powerful 800W motor makes quick work of even the hardest root vegetables and crushes ice with ease. Its 1000W heating element has 8 precise temperature settings allowing you to cook anything you like while the Bellini gently stirs it for you – hands free!

    Imagine being able to attend to other family matters as your Kitchen Master delicately cooks and stirs your custard or stroganoff with no supervision. Or only having to wash one dish after a 3 part meal. You can throw in your vegetables and oil to have them chopped and sautéed before adding your raw protein which will then be cooked perfectly while it mixes with the veggies.

    The Bellini makes it effortless to multitask because you can steam a side-dish or fish while you’re boiling your potatoes or reducing a risotto – all at the same time! No more need to stand over the stove for 30 minutes stirring your sauces and food, the Bellini Kitchen Master will do it for you with gourmet results. The Bellini even cleans itself! Simply add water and dish-soap to the bowl and run it on speed 3, 100°C for a few minutes! All the components are also dishwasher safe to make clean up even easier.

    To see just how versatile the Bellini Kitchen Master is, check out some of our recipe videos and see how you can benefit from cooking gourmet meals for your family with minimal effort and supervision. Cook more from Scratch!

    Simplify Your Kitchen with 8 Appliances in 1!


    Turn Up the Heat!

    The Bellini Kitchen Master is the first thermal blender designed specifically for home chefs across North America. What is a thermal blender, you ask? A thermal blender does everything a high-powered, multi-functional blender can do including crush ice and make smoothies, but it also has a built in heating element which allows you to cook, sauté and steam at the same time! The possibilities this brings to the kitchen table are endless, allowing the everyday home cook to create everything from soups, gravies and sauces to mashed potatoes, risotto and pulled pork from scratch and with almost no hands-on time! Just add your ingredients and set your time, temperature and stir speed and your Bellini will do the rest for you.

    Immediately fire up your Bellini and start cooking delicious recipes from scratch as soon as you bring it home! The Bellini Kitchen Master includes a colorful recipe booklet developed by Chef Christopher Styler containing over 90 recipes to get you started ranging from simple dips and sauces to gourmet meals like lobster bisque. Of course, once you have a handle on how the machine works you will have a blast trying new things and creating many more of your own favorite recipes!

    Cleans Itself!

    Worried about having to scrub off that sticky risotto residue? Have no fear! Simply add in some soap and water into the stainless steel bowl, set the Bellini to stir at speed 3, 100°C for a few minutes and voila! Your leftovers will easily pour down the drain and the Bellini is sparkling clean after a quick wipe-down.

    Portable Scale

    The Bellini comes with a beautiful lightweight glass kitchen scale with a digital blue LCD display. The perfect tool for ensuring your recipes turn out consistently delicious every single time! The touch-sensitive controls are easy to use and you can choose from 4 different units of measure including pounds, ounces and grams. The scale is portable so you can measure out your ingredients before adding them to your recipe so that you have no need to worry about adding too much, and you can even use it for anything else you need to weigh in the kitchen non-Bellini related!

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