Product Code: RMS10TS

1000 watts of cooking power
– Efficient reheating and defrosting
– Reduces food waste

Stainless steel construction inside and out
– Durable professional finish
– Withstands the foodservice environment

Ample .8 cubic ft. (23 L) oven capacity
– Accommodates a 12″ (305 mm) platter
– Heats large or small portions

Motor driven bottom antenna
– Efficient energy distribution
– Reliable heating results

Grab ‘n Go handle
– No moving parts
– Reliable use

Interior oven light
– 20 watt bulb fully lights cavity
– Easily see food as it cooks

Keybeep volume – user option
– Allow user to turn off keybeep or select from 3 volume levels
– Customize for any environment or use

Touch controls
– 20 programmable menu settings (compared to
competition’s 10) 3 stages of cooking and 5 microwave power levels
– Adaptable controls

Ideal Applications
– Convenience stores
– Dessert stations
– Nurse’s stations
– Teacher’s lounge
      • Quantity Available: 27
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