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    Knife Sharpening Stones

    Control the angle with knife sharpening stones. They come in coarse and fine grain, depending on the condition of your knives. Whatever you need to chop, ensure your knives are sharp and ready with knife sharpening stones and whetstones.

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    Nella 16 Oz Oil for Stones

    $44.06 $22.03 / EACH
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    Wusthof Combination Sharpening Stone with Non Slip Coating 1000 & 4000 Grit

    A sharpening stone for a particularly gentle way of honing and sharpening your knives. WÜSTHOF Whetstones consist of a combination of different high-quality, abrasive grits. The stones have two sides – one with a fine grit and one coarse. The coarse side is used to smooth off any unevenness while the finer grit is used to hone and sharpen your knife. We recommend the Whetstone Holder, which guarantees even more stability, to accompany the Whetstone.
    $275.00 / EACH

    Wusthof Combo Whetstone 3000 & 8000 Grit

    Wusthof Two-Sided Whetstone. Fine Grains (3000 Grit). Super-Fine Grains (8000 Grit). Perfect for Sharpening and Polishing The Knife's Edge. Suitable for Use with Either Water or Oil.
    $150.00 / EACH

    Shun Leveling Stone

    $55.00 $43.95 / EACH