How to request a quote.



You can now request quotes directly through our website.


          1. Login or register an account -


          2. Once you’re logged in online or just registered for an account, navigate to any product page.


          3. When you are viewing any of the product pages, you will have an “Add to quote” button. This works the same way if you were to adding items to your shopping cart.


-         Enter the quantity, you want to be quoted on and click the add to quote button






          4. When you have added an item to your quote, a pop up will appear. You will be given three options:


            -          Click the “x” in the top right to close the pop up and continue shopping.

            -          If you want to modify the quote in anyway, delete or adjust quantity click “Modify My Quote” button.

            -          To submit the quote, click the “Request a Quote” button






          5. You will then be brought to the checkout page where you can submit your quote.


            -         If you need to modify your quote, there is a “Modify my quote request” button at the bottom of the webpage that will bring you to modification page.


            -         Once you are finished, you can click the “Submit Quote Request“ button.






          6. Once your quote has been submitted you will brought to a confirmation page as seen in below. This is to confirm that your quote has been submitted.





          7. Once the Nella team receives your quote request, we will notify you within 48 hours with the updated pricing which will be enabled already on your account. You will have                   the option to decline the quote or to accept it, where the items will be automatically added to your shopping cart and you can make your purchase



How do I accept and purchase items on my quote?


         1. When you receive the confirmation email to notify you that your quote is ready, you will need to log back into your account to view your quoted price. When you log into                       your account, navigate to “My Account” section.





          2. Then navigate to and click the, “Order / Invoice / Quote Tracking” link.






          3. Then you will then need to click the “My Quotes” tab and select the quote that has been negotiated.





          4. When on this page, you will notice a couple of things:


              -        You will be able to see if your quote has been negotiated. If your quote hasn’t been updated by the Nella team, it will remain “Pending”.


              -         The “Create an order from this quote” button, will add your products to your shopping cart





            5. Once you click, “create order form this quote”, you will be brought to your checkout page. After completing all relevant information, you can scroll down to the bottom of the webpage to complete your order.