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    Outset 12" x 8" Himalayan Salt Plank with Holder

    Manufacturer: OUTSET
    SKU: 76513
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    $70.80 / EACH
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    Spice up your life with the Outset Himalayan salt plank with a holder tray to use for cooking, grilling, serving, or as a cutting board! Made from beautiful pink Himalayan salt, each one is unique with veining and color in varying hues of pink, yellow, gray, or white. The convenient tray with handles allows for easy transport. Due to its inherent qualities, the salt block transfers added flavor to anything that touches it, giving your meats and vegetables a kick. The heat transfer properties of this salt block allow it to retain both hot and cold temperatures, meaning you can keep food cool or warm, depending on your needs. Use it to grill meat and fish, bake cookies, scones, pizzas, and other baked goods. Also functions as a gorgeous charcuterie board.


    • 12" x 8" x 1.5" (17" w/ Handles)


    • The natural Himalayan salt adds a new depth to your flavor palette when you use it for grilling and cooking. Try it while prepping salmon, chicken, burgers, and more!
    •  The natural coloring of the Himalayan pink salt block is a range of gorgeous pinks, yellows, and whites, making it a stunning accent to any kitchen environment. The sleek black holder tray enhances the unique color and veining which varies from piece to piece.
    • Unlike wooden serving and cutting boards, Himalayan salt blocks are able to retain both cold and hot temperatures equally.
    • In addition to cooking, baking, and prepping, this salt block triples as a gorgeous serving board! Use her to serve meats, cheeses, and more! The convenient tray allows for easy movement and transport from kitchen to grill or oven to table.