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Our team provide the best customer service in the industry. We’re passionate about our products as well as our customers and it shows in the level of service we provide. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our services and create an effective solution for your needs.

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Nella Cutlery & Food Equipment Inc.

1255 Fewster Drive
Canada L4W 1A2

Tel: 905-823-1110
Fax: 905-823-1219

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday - 8 am to 5 pm EST



Sales Department - kEncEmailjogpAofmmbdvumfsz/db


Peter Ornelas - (Project Manager / Sales manager- kEncEmailqfufsAofmmbdvumfsz/db 


Amar Clair – (Project Manager - eCommerce) – kEncEmailbnbsAofmmbdvumfsz/db


Jeremy Newman - (Leasing / Business Development) kEncEmailkfsfnzAofmmbdvumfsz/db 


Zoran Alilovic - (Knife Service Manager) kEncEmail{psboAofmmbdvumfsz/db 


Mathew Harley - (Service Manager) - kEncEmailtfswjdfAofmmbdvumfsz/db 


Hien Phung - (Inside Sales Support - General Inquiries) - kEncEmailijfoAofmmbdvumfsz/db 


Customer Service - (Website Inquiries) - kEncEmailifmqeftlAofmmbdvumfsz/db 



International Division

Max Menéndez 
Tel: 507-399-5662 / 63
Email: kEncEmailnbyAofmmb/dpn/qb