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    Combi Ovens

    Brands including Garland, Alto-Shaam and Rational offer you the best combi ovens for your commercial kitchen. Combi ovens include convection and steaming options, giving you more control over how you cook your food. Electric and gas options are available.

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    Rational iCombi Classic 20 Pan Full Size Natural Gas Combi Oven 208/240V, 1 Phase

    The iCookingSuite is the iCombi Pro’s cooking intelligence. At the beginning of the cooking process, you indicate the results you want, such as browning or degree of doneness. Intelligent sensors detect the size of the food, the amount of food, and what condition it’s in. While the cooking path is in progress, the system regularly adjusts key parameters like cooking cabinet temperature, climate, air speed and cooking time, to make sure you get the results you’re looking for. If you need, you can intervene mid-process and change your target results. The controls are a breeze to operate, and you don't have to supervise the process. You’ll save time, energy, and raw materials while producing delicious food over and over again.


    The iProductionManager helps you organize à-la-carte, mise en place, and complex production processes flexibly and intelligently: you can prepare different products simultaneously, optimize them for speed or energy efficiency, sequence them by different courses, or use a specified production time. Without sacrificing quality.


    The iCombi Pro’s iDensityControl system is all about climate management: the ways the sensors inside the cooking cabinet interact, the active dehumidification features, the air flow-optimizing cooking cabinet geometry. In short, everything that creates the perfect climate to give you exceptional productivity and exceptional results.


    iCareSystem: Grilling a lot of food leaves a lot of stubborn crud, which keeps you from using the iCombi Pro to prepare other dishes. Or it would, if not for iCareSystem. The ultra-fast interim cleaning feature gets everything ship shape in 12 minutes or less, so you can pick right up where you left off, except with a sparkling-clean cooking cabinet and no lingering odors. And at the end of the day, when you’re ready to do a full clean, the iCombi Pro will tell you whether it's slightly, moderately, or significantly dirty. You decide whether to clean in standard or eco mode. And it descales, of course. Overnight, if you prefer, of course. And always super-clean, of course. With phosphate-free tabs containing 50% less chemicals. The iCombi Pro can remember your preferences and start your saved cleaning program whenever you like.

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