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    Boska Mini Monaco 4 Piece Cheese Knife Set, Black

    Manufacturer: BOSKA
    SKU: 307088
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    $79.20 / SET
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    The Cheese Knife Set Mini Monaco+ Black is unique, stylish, and suitable for all types of cheese. If you're serving up a cheese board, this complete set of knives pairs with that absolutely perfectly! It's incomparable! Due to the black coating and the quilted pattern on the blades, these sharp, stainless steel knives are non-stick.


    Suitable for all types of cheese

    This handy knife set contains four compact cheese knives. Each knife is suitable for a specific type of cheese. Use the spreading knife for fresh cheeses and the knife with the holes in the blade for soft to semi-hard cheeses. Pick up pieces of semi-hard cheese using the tines on the knife with the forked tip, and use the Parmesan knife to break apart hard cheeses. 

    High quality cheese knives

    This knife set is part of the Monaco+ collection. This collection was developed using over 120 years of experience in making cheese tools. As a result, each cheese knife possesses the perfect qualities to make cutting as easy as possible for you, such as the quilted pattern, the black non-stick coating, and the flat handle, which provides an extra firm grip.

    Easy to clean

    After use, wash the knives by hand. Some warm water and dish soap will work wonders. That way, they'll be clean and ready to go again in no time. Who will you surprise with a delicious cheese board?