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    UltraAtomer II ULV Sanitizing Sprayer / Fogger Package, Battery Operated

    Manufacturer: ULTRAMIST
    Regular Price: $595.00
    $288.89 / EACH
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    The UltraAtomer II enables injection of solution for a quick and efficient sanitizing of the targeted area. Its droplet nozzle is adjustable and provides complete coverage and protection against infectious pathogens.


    Disinfection and Sanitizing:

    The UltraAtomer II enables injection of the UltraLyte Solution to every area of targeted disinfection. Its small micron droplet nozzle that is adjustable provides complete and fast coverage and protection against infectious pathogens.


    Disinfectant Solution:

    Ultra-lyte can be safely applied without the use of PPE (personal protection equipment) using a variety of methods: Sprayers , direct application or dosing. The active ingredient in Ultra-lyte is hypochlorous acid, a well-known and well noted biocidal agent, which is produced by the human body's natural immune system to fight infection. It is also known as "Super-oxidized Water" or "Electrolyzed Water". It's very safe for humans, animals and the environment and is pH neutral at 6.5



    • Designed for small surface areas for quick and efficient sanitizing and disinfecting
    • Refillable 800ml tank

    • Blue Light

    • Solution Flow Value– Adjustable

    • One Touch ON/One Touch OFF

    • 3 Hour Battery Life– Continuous Use

    • Reaches 1-2 metres



    • Funnel for Refilling

    • 4 x 4 Litre UltraLyte